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Pat Rosenzweig

Pat Rosenzweig

Pat Rosenzweig is co-founder of Mosaic Management Professionals providing management and business consulting for general dental and specialty offices. Pat has an extensive background in dentistry including experience working with general, periodontal, endodontic, oral surgery, pediatric and orthodontic offices. She also has a background in education with a liberal arts degree, and a minor in secondary education.

Many and varied years of experience in dental offices have given Pat a unique insight into the day-to-day problems faced by dental staff members and the challenges faced by doctors. In her time “in office,” Pat has had an opportunity to develop extensive management and systems skills she uses to create models for her clients.

She views every office as a unique challenge, with its own special dynamic and its own consulting and systems needs. Her commitment to creating an individual plan for each client has been a hallmark of her consulting. Pat works directly with offices all over the country and is also available for individualized seminars.


  • Mosaic works with newly opened practices from getting the loan, to opening the doors, to growing the practice
  • Mosaic works with newly purchased practices doing the initial transition management and following the first year of growth
  • Mosaic works with established practices to increase revenue and optimize staff performance
  • Mosaic provides full contract, stand alone and seminar style management
  • Mosaic is based in Colorado and works with clients in all parts of the country


  • Pat is available for speaking engagements for large groups, study clubs, and individual presentations for practices


  • Pat has had numerous articles published in “ The Ortho Tribune”, including two sent on to international editions
  • Mosaic creates an informative monthly newsletter for clients, potential clients and friends