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Kayla Hoorelbeke

Kayla Hoorelbeke

Armed with a degree in Marketing, minor in Accounting, and a Masters in Business Administration, Kayla brings a unique combination of creativity, analytical thinking, and management insight to the world of orthodontics. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Miami, Kayla has nearly a decade of experience in the orthodontic industry as the Vice President of JMShoemaker Consulting, Inc. and founder of Informed Image, LLC.

Her work with JMShoemaker Consulting, Inc. includes analyzing orthodontic financial figures, leveraging collection activity as a marketing tool with the AccounTrac system, and finding ways to maximize cash flow in practices. Wanting to apply the same precise, diagnostic principles the analysis of case acceptance, marketing, and patient relationships led to the birth of Informed Image, LLC.

Kayla is able to differentiate between and improve upon both the marketing performance and sales performance of a practice while still understanding the financial and business implications. Informed Image, LLC specializes in:

  • Perfecting the New Patient Process from Call to Close™ beginning with the Initial Inquiry™ through the New Patient Exam to starting treatment
  • Training on sales techniques to enhance financial presentations, strengthen new patient relationships, and increase case acceptance
  • Creation of a cohesive marketing communications strategy including your online and social media presence, your relationships with referral sources, and the physical image your practice portrays using fresh, innovative ideas
  • Providing precise statistical analysis and conducting marketing research via focus groups and surveys to make educated managerial decisions
  • Calculation of case acceptance in a unique, unprecedented way which breaks down the different elements in the New Patient Process to gain a deeper understanding of sales performance indicators and more accurately assess areas that need fine-tuning

With her expertise and customized systems, clients have experienced double-digit growth in case acceptance rates, increases in their pending conversion rates of up to 70%, more effective marketing campaigns, improvements in accountability, and the most accurate, detailed statistics from which to make practice decisions.