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Joan Garbo

Joan Garbo

Joan Garbo is dedicated to supporting executives, professionals, and business owners in creating work environments that are nurturing, productive, and prosperous to management, employees, and clients alike.

In these fast-changing times, the problems that are concurrent with the speed of change, it is imperative that any company, business, or practice keep focused on their most important and promising asset: its people.

The customers’ perceptions of service are based on the experience of service they have. This sense of service is correlated to the following factors: employees’ attitudes about themselves and work in general; employees’ clarity of the purpose of their jobs’ employees’ alignment on the philosophy and mission of the company; and most importantly, the quality of employer and employees’ relationships and their ability to effectively communicate with each other. These qualities are learned behaviors sustained through management principles that ultimately create customers who become a volunteer sales force for the company.

Joan Garbo has been a consultant, trainer, and public speaker since 1978. She has a master’s degree from the University of Virginia. She has applied her training and experience in language development to communication and relationships in the workplace. For the past twelve years, Joan has specialized in consulting and training business owners and their employees in effective communication skills, team-building, executive coaching, and how these impact customer service.