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Ortho2 Webinars

Ortho2 webinars are the perfect solution for training new users and refreshing experienced users without the cost of having someone come out to your office personally, and you can now view these on demand. Instead of a specific date and time, each webinar will be available to view on your own time. Each month will present on a topic specific to Edge or ViewPoint, and the webinar will be available for the entire month. You may also call with questions during normal business hours.

After the month is over, you can find the webinars in the Visual Help portion of our website.

  • Edge Cloud: Treatment Findings

    View Webinar - 7:40

    Use the Treatment Findings editor to set up the categories and standard responses to enter into your patients' treatment findings records. You can select the categories that you want to import into the patient's Insurance Detail page, choose categories that will prompt you to apply a treatment sequence when a response from that category is added to the patients' findings, and specify which categories allow you to type custom responses into patient records.

  • ViewPoint: ViewPoint 12 Updates

    Available October 1st

    ViewPoint 12 has been released! We’ll walk through the changes and updates available with this new release.

  • Edge Cloud: Posting Insurance Bulk Payments

    Available November 1st

    Posting insurance bulk payments is similar to posting a regular bulk payment. The difference is that the insurance company deducts a processing fee. This webinar will review how to post insurance bulk payments and how to adjust the accounts affected by the processing fee to ensure your Deposit and Transaction report is accurate.

  • Edge Cloud: Tracking New Contract Starts by Treatment Coordinator

    Available December 1st

    This webinar will review how to add new treatment coordinators to Edge Cloud so you can begin tracking new starts. Then, we will show you how to run the Contract by Treatment Coordinator report to track new starts by each treatment coordinator.