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Ortho2 Webinars

Ortho2 webinars are the perfect solution for training new users and refreshing experienced users without the cost of having someone come out to your office personally, and you can now view these on demand. Instead of a specific date and time, each webinar will be available to view on your own time. Each month will present on a topic specific to Edge or ViewPoint, and the webinar will be available for the entire month. If you have questions while watching the webinar, you can type them into the question field, and a member of the Software Support Team will respond to you within 24 hours. You may also call with questions during normal business hours.

After the month is over, you can find the webinars in the Visual Help portion of our website.

  • ViewPoint: Electronic Correspondence

    View Webinar - 11:10

    Tired of printing and mailing various documents and forms for your patients? ViewPoint gives you the ability to email receipts, appointment cards, and merge documents directly from the program. We'll look at the set up involved and how to access and use this communication feature.

  • Edge: Tracking Emergencies

    Available August 1st

    The Emergency Tracking report to obtain a list of patients for whom emergency appointments have been kept for any range of dates. The report compares the emergency appointment data with the patient's previously kept appointment data. This webinar will review how to get started with this report, how to run it, and the contents found within.

  • ViewPoint: Using the Subgroup List

    Available September 1st

    You can use the Subgroup List tool to display all the records that fit the subgroup criteria you specify. This feature is useful for efficiently previewing the patient's records that will be included in your defined subgroup job, such as printing a form or posting a miscellaneous charge subgroup.