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What's New in ViewPoint 11

The orthodontic software system that pioneered practice management solutions specifically for orthodontists and their staff has done it again. The new ViewPoint 11 system is being released with a myriad of enhanced features and improved functionality.

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Edge Integrations

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Edge Animations

  • • All patient images, not just the facial lateral image, can now be added to Edge Animations filmstrips. In addition you can import or drag external images and videos stored on your computer into your filmstrips.

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Edge Reminders

  • • You can now open the Edge Reminders Report window directly from the Outbound Integration menu.
  • • Text messages that you use frequently can be saved and easily re-used as Quick Messages. This allows you to simply choose the message you want to send instead of typing it out again. You can also add patient variables, such as patient name and next appointment, to add to the message.
  • • Use the Edge Reminders Text Messaging application to receive instant notification of patient text messages sent to your office.

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  • • XCharge now supports EMV readers. You will need to call XCharge to update your XCharge software with them. When you update, you will be provided with an ID needed to update your Orthodontist System Table in ViewPoint.
  • • The ViewPoint Insurance Codes table now supports ICD-10 insurance codes, as well as ICD-9 and CDA/ADA codes. These can be entered in the Insurance tab of the patient folder. They will print in section 34 of ADA2012 insurance forms.
  • • The Post Transaction window includes a Refund button which allows you to post a refund to a responsible party or apply a refund to another contract.
  • • ViewPoint can now remember your electronic insurance credentials, and upload claims to the processing site automatically when you submit electronic insurance forms. In addition, the electronic submission can be viewed in each patient’s correspondence history.

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General Enhancements

  • • If someone in your office does not use VP To Do regularly, that operator can choose to disable showing the task list when they log into ViewPoint. Pop up task reminders will still appear as scheduled for that operator, and they can still open VP To Do from the ViewPoint toolbar or shortcut menu whenever needed.
  • • The ViewPoint Help menu is now online! You can use online help, along with other support resources, from the Help menu within ViewPoint.
  • • More subgroup options are available: Patient Has Expected Removal Date, Patient Has Actual Removal Date, BirthDate is Entered, First Contract Fee Date, First Contract Fee Amount, Transaction Report Date (the date that the contract first appeared on a finalized transaction report), and Patient Has Start Date.
  • • ViewPoint will update faster and more efficiently on all of your machines thanks to improvements made to the database patching and CD-Key updating processes.
  • • ViewPoint no longer has to be run as an administrator on your workstation, as it is now fully UAC compatible.

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  • • You can now sign-in each patient in an overbooked Grid Scheduler cell, and edit the details of each overbooked appointment as needed.
  • • The appointments in your HR Manager Calendar and your Office Calendar can now be seen in the Notes section of your Grid Bar. You can double-click a calendar appointment to open the Office Calendar to that date, or to log into your HR Manager module. In addition, double-clicking the calendar heading, even if no appointments exist, will open your Office Calendar or HR Manager.
  • • You can use your System Settings to enable / disable the Past Due Notification on Grid option that determines whether to display the icon that alerts you to past due patient accounts.

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Mail Merge

  • • You can set up the properties of certain mail merge documents so that when you email the document, any images are included as attachments to the message, as well as being embedded in the body of the letter.
  • • The mail merge function has greatly improved with ViewPoint 11. The mail merge function is compatible with 64 bit versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Word 2016. This ends support for versions of Microsoft Word prior to Word 2007. These legacy versions of Word can no longer be used to merge letters in ViewPoint. In addition, the merge documents are now stored in the database which allows everyone connected to that database access to the files.

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  • • New Balancing Worksheet Report
  • • New Balancing Worksheet Summary Report
  • • New Contract Audit Report
  • • New Start Origins Report
  • • New VP Credit Card Transactions by Credit Card Type