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What's New in Edge 5

Edge, the cloud-based practice management software, has recently seen major enhancements. Read about the new enhancements and features from Edge 5 below.

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Edge Integrations

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Edge Animations

  • • Removing an image or video from the filmstrip will also remove the item from the edit canvas.

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Edge Imaging

  • • Gender specific silhouette now displays in the Fast Find window for patients without a frontal smile image.

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Edge Portal

  • • External imaging files can now be viewed or downloaded from within Edge Portal.
  • • Secured professional emails now contain a direct link to the emailed content.
  • • Received Edge Portal messages are now saved in the Correspondence History.
  • • Option to capture any outgoing emails or attachments sent to a professional and store them in Web Portal. Instead of receiving an email with sensitive patient information the professional receives a notification to log into Web Portal to retrieve the message and any attachments. This option can be enabled in the Options page of the Office Web Portal.

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  • • The next charge date and next charge amount are now displayed in the Post Transaction window.
  • • Ability to generate receipts after posting Auto-Receipts. If the Form Email feature is setup, responsible parties with a valid email address will have their receipts emailed to them, otherwise the receipts will display in Edge. This feature can be enabled by checking the 'Generate Receipts After Posting' option in the Auto-Receipt window.

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General Enhancements

  • • Additional tabs in the Patient Correspondence History panel to display a history of all Edge Reminder communications for a patient as well as a history of all emailed appointment cards and receipts.
  • • Default values can be specified for the email/text/phone reminder flags for each contact detail type. The default values will be used when adding new contact details.
  • • Ability to email appointment cards and receipts. Open 'Form Email Setup' from the Editors window to get started.

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  • • Options on the A/R Aging report to filter by orthodontist and/or office and to exclude contracts without a balance.

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  • • Ability to filter the appointments displayed in the Scheduler Bar independently from the appointments displayed on the Scheduler.
  • • Option to display remaining doctor time instead of used doctor time on the Scheduler.

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Coming Soon

  • • Edge Specialist – A pediatric dentistry module that can be used for both orthodontists and pediatric dentists.
  • • Edge Signature – Allows you to send correspondence to be digitally signed from your responsible parties' home or on a tablet in your office.
  • • Edge Pop – Phone pop-up notifications which will pull up the patient’s folder when they call.
  • • Appointment Reminder attachment in Edge Reminders emails.
  • • Updated Browser Widget.
  • • Improvements with the latest Microsoft Development Technologies.