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What's New in Edge 5

Edge, the cloud-based practice management software, has recently seen major enhancements. Read about the new enhancements and features from Edge 5 below.

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Edge Integrations

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Edge Imaging

  • • External files (non-image files) can be uploaded and edited from Edge Imaging. This includes STL files, Word documents, PDFs, and more!
  • • Exported images and layouts now include the patient full name, primary code, timepoint name, timepoint date and image type in the file information.
  • • Ability to choose the background color for the Imaging tab of the Patient Folder.
  • • Ability to define default Image Cache paths. These paths can be defined in the Image General Editor and will be used when the image cache has not been set, or the path is unavailable.

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Edge Portal

  • • Ability to control which image types are viewable by patients and responsible parties from within Edge Portal.
  • • A new responsible party registration system. Responsible parties can now initiate and confirm their Portal registration with either their email address or cell phone number.

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General Enhancements

  • • Unread high importance messages are displayed when logging into Edge.
  • • Ability to choose which stops are checked by default when creating a patient alert.
  • • Links in the Help Window to launch a chat support window to communicate with Ortho2 Software Support, Network Engineering, or New Customer Care.
  • • Ability to set a default upload throttle for all users.
  • • Ability to drag and reorder patients in a Stack.
  • • Ability to assign a color to an office in the Office Editor. The corresponding office color will then display in the header of the Patient folder.
  • • Informational pop-up when hovering over a patient listed in a Stack.
  • • Ability to generate a new primary code for an existing patient.
  • • Ability to define a library of custom elastics. This functionality can be setup in the Tooth Chart Editor.
  • • 'All Operators' view to Stacks Widget to allow for creating a new Stack for an operator who currently does not have any.
  • • Can now remove upload queue items via rightclick menu.
  • • Can now filter Tasks by 'Tasks Created by Me' using a checkbox in the Tasks Widget Settings.
  • • Improvements for tablets and other touch screen devices. The 'Visuals' section within User Options allows for applying various layouts, increasing the size of buttons and context menus, and optimizing panels for small resolutions.
  • Ability to customize the content and layout of the Ribbon Bar. To adjust the visibility or size of the icons that appear in each Ribbon Bar section, click on the drop-down button in the lower right corner of the section.
  • • 'Close other tabs' and 'Close tabs to the right' options when right-clicking on a tabbed window within Edge.

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  • • Added the ability to view the content of all previously submitted electronic insurance claims.

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Patient Tracker

  • • Ability to color code patients in the Waiting section of the Patient Tracker based on arrival. The available statuses are pre-appointment, short wait, long wait, and late patient.

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  • • The office and orthodontist assigned to a patient now appears in the Active Patient section of the Scheduler Ribbon Bar as well as the appointment hover.
  • • Option to set a default page layout when printing the Scheduler. The option can be set from the 'Printing' section of the 'User Options' menu in the Scheduler Ribbon Bar.
  • • Security setting that can be used to keep an operator from scheduling an appointment in a location that is not classified for that appointment.
  • • Patients can be added to a Stack by right-clicking on an appointment in the Scheduler.
  • • The Scheduler Bar appointments for patients who have an appointment on the current day now appear in a new section titled 'Todays Patients'.
  • • Ability to use the touch screen keyboard within Sign-In as well as the ability to exit Sign-In and edit layouts using a touch screen.

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Treatment Hub

  • • The dental visit and progress update reminder window now displays in the Treatment Hub as well as the Scheduler.
  • • Clicking on a patient alert in the Treatment Hub will allow the alert to be edited.
  • • Ability to click on an appointment in the Treatment Hub to open the appointment on the Scheduler and the ability to right-click on the appointment to edit it.
  • • A reminder popup will appear when opening the Treatment Hub for a patient if the patient is past due for a dental visit or progress records.
  • • Multi-Chart Toggle. This feature is located in the Tooth Chart section of the Ribbon Bar and allows a user to toggle between a combined chart and a separate chart for permanent and deciduous teeth.
  • • A free-type area is available to allow for customizing standard responses when entering Treatment Findings.